Re: Right Said Fred bus smasher uppers vs Leeds United

Harvest wrote:

You still live on their manor?

I still live in the same place, been here 13 years this weekend.
Millwall have become less and less though. The area in the last few years has been totally transformed. It got a Cafe Nero, my fish and chip shop became a Meat Liquor place, serves burgers and chips (looks like a night club full of people with those cultivated beards young people have) they really are the new Charlie Nicholas mullet aren`t they. M&S Simply food opened 12 months ago.

These places only open when Millwall fuck off.

Having said that if I had to go to a pub to watch us play them on the box, say at ER I wouldn`t go to one around here.

I went to the first ever game at the New Den against Sporting Lisbon, some bloke nearly got his head kicked in for cheering when SL scored and it was a friendly.
Bobby Robson was the manager, but they hated him because he complained about them invading the pitch in the cup game in 1978.

Why do they hate us? Because we have the audacity to turn up at their place every time we play there.

Individually when I`ve met them they are sound, but as a group shithouses.



Re: Right Said Fred bus smasher uppers vs Leeds United

How many did we take yesterday 2,000 ish?

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