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After years of arm twisting we have flown in for Christmas.

We started in Paternoster. Wind sweaty beaches north of Cape Town. Stunning.

Superb food, superb people.

Had a Braai (BBQ), bring your own beer. 10 courses. Much fun.

Moved to Hermanus. Great White cage diving. Gansbaai is the Great White capital of the World. Except the numbers are dropping drastically. The tour company has just gone a week week without seeing one. Un-heard of. We got very lucky and saw one.

3.5 metre vicious bastard.

Drove to Franschoek. The wine is superb. The food is off the chart.

Christmas is planned for Camps Bay.

On the face of everything, it’s a fantastic place.


The vast majority of people aren’t even getting by. How the fuck there’s not been a revolution is beyond me.

I’m struggling to get my head round it. On one side of the street are three story beach houses. On the other, huts with corrugated iron roofs.

The people in the huts cross a motorway, clean the big houses and walk back. Dodging trucks.

It’s hard to enjoy. Not much use being free if you can’t afford to live.


Re: Cape Town Area, South Africa

Have been looking for a while. Little lad is obsessed with wildlife, where they live etc ...
Cut a long story short, Mrs TT has old family friends who emigrated and set up a Safari, chuck in cheaper flight tickets thanks to points and it might be a goer in a couple of years.

get what you're saying about the wealth gap, but it happens everywhere now no ? Bali, Northern Territoires in Canada where they dont even have clean water (figure that one out ... ) or even sink estates in the UK, Paris ... . Doesnt make it right but.

Take off hosers ...


Re: Cape Town Area, South Africa

I’m sure your boy would love it, TT.  Not been on a safari here but did one last year elsewhere.

You point out correctly that poverty is everywhere and the inequality gap is getting wider no matter where you.

But there’s a weird feel to it here. The lines are really clear. I’m 11 days in and eating out twice a day. In 22 meals I’ve had one white waiter. In 22 meals there was one black family eating.

It just so stark and in your face whilst everyone is acting normal.

Could be the places we are booking, who knows?

As you say, it’s a bit hypocritical when I’m happy flying to the US. Or enjoying a beer in London.