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Wife's cousin has bought a house in Pau, with another house on the side that they rent out.

When they heard our burgeoning plan to move to Spain, she said just wait until you've experienced France.

She says it's key to have a focus, or you'll just booze and eat, earlier and earlier into each day. They keep themselves active with things they've always wanted to try and things they used to do.

We are off to visit them this year.

They have both travelled extensively through career appointments and pumped money into six BTL's in Glasgow, returning a good monthly income.

They buy one, do it up and rent it out.

My twin sister has a house in Limoges and is moving there full-time in a couple of years. I know she'll run a business from there.


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Misura wrote:
Loose Lips wrote:

Plenty of French town’s left on the Dordogne Placid.

Lovely bit of the world.

South of Bergerac gets very Dordogneshire.

East up the river returns to normality very quickly.

Girlfriends parents now retired do 6 months there and have their place in the lakes. Amazing life.

I bet they appreciate a good late stone age cave painting, comprising of, but not limited to, animals, human figures, and abstract signs.

She says it's key to have a focus, or you'll just booze and eat, earlier and earlier into each day

EM’s contacts have a point.

Despite the stone age art, big Pete and Jenny have gone into full wine mode.


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Very easy to do. Before you know it you've gone the full Gerard Depardieu.

"To tell you the truth, a lot of the younger lads don't care about the FA Cup, they think it's just something your Grandparents talk about. They'd rather we got knocked out." Trevor Davies - Streatham Rovers Football Club


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This thread has made me realise how low my aspirations are. I dream of living back in Yorkshire and just long to not exist under 24/7 'falling damp' for the majority of the year.

My mam's sister and her husband moved to Portugal in the 80s. Loved it there. They've just moved back though last year. Getting on a bit now and wanted decent healthcare. Not sure anyone had told them about Jeremy Hunt and the state of the NHS. They live in Nuneaton now too. Christ.