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Going the end of next month. Recommendations for eating, drinking, + other activities greatly appriciated.
Thanks !

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Re: Sydney + Brisbane.

I was in Sydney ten years ago for a week. 

I thoroughly enjoyed a day on Bondi - I was there in June and it was 23 degs,  I had three kids with me, walked up the front checking out the graffiti and the kids swam - even though it was winter!

Then did the Bronte coastal walk - past Dave the Cave round to Bronte Beach where we had Fish and Chips.

Also got a ferry too Manly - that was good - out past the Opera house and what not and a mooch around manly.  I also went to Featherdale Wildlife park on the bus - a little out of town.  I really enjoyed that.  Not a full on in your face zoo but a bit more intimate if you will.  Saw a massive fuck off alligator, that was fucking impressive seeing it so close, the most poisonous snake in the world and did all the kolas, kanagroos and dingo stuff.  Was great.

Few beers and food in the Chinese quarter on the night - I stayed in the CBD which was shit as it was dead at night/the weekend but cheaper.


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Re: Sydney + Brisbane.

Try and go to a Leagues Club (the social clubs attached to NRL teams). The NSW Leagues Club in the centre of town had some great rugby league memorabilia but I've just searched for it and apparently it's shut down.
We watched a load of NRL games and got pissed in a lot of them. 'Pantherworld' in Penrith was a particular favourite (think Cas but with different accents)....

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Re: Sydney + Brisbane.

Have a walk round Redfern

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Re: Sydney + Brisbane.

We drove from Brisbane to Sydney over a 10 day period and stopped off at places along the way - was great fun

There's obviously Byron Bay/Nimbin to stop at but there's lovely little coves to stop at too and see the Big Banana or Big Pineapple on the trip.  Gosford is a lovely little spot too.  Blue Mountains also great although the last time I went it was foggy as fook and my view of the The Three Sisters was a little compromised......

Sydney is a strange one I think - it's a lovely place but I was only ever wow'd when taking a ferry to/from Circular Quay - I was staying in Mosman on the north shore and bobbing along with the bridge in front of you and the Opera House on the left of you is pretty cool.  North Head down from manly is really good too,  pretty wild and usually not so busy. 

Don't know how it's played out but when I was last there in 2009 Rozelle was making a play as the hipster district - really close to CBD but previously had been a bit run down and industrial (think Shoreditch and Hackney).  It might not have made it but perhaps worth a look - there were certainly many bars and restaurants opening up back then and the house prices were on the upward curve

Enjoy - it's a lovely place

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Re: Sydney + Brisbane.

Sydney - if around The Rocks try Phillips Foote - they have barbeque's dotted around the place and you buy an uncooked steak, chicken or fish and cook it yourself - unlimited sides .. if it is a nice day sit in the garden .. if you fancy a drink around The Rocks then

Can only suggest either Byron Bay or Noosa further up the coast

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