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Seldom Seen Kid wrote:

I go on Twitter and become a total arse hole.

This is my default position.

Old Wharfedaler wrote:
Smutty Lips wrote:

Why stress, you get the league placing you pay for.

Cos we like to have a good fucking moan!
It's what we do best!

Aye. Quite right too.

He spent all night staring down at the lights of LS. Wondering if he could ever go home.

Re: Middlesbrough (a)

Seldom Seen Kid wrote:
space wrote:

The thing that gets me about our lots reaction to the match is that its one of complete surprise.  It's like its most fans first ever Leeds match.

This kind of performance is not a new thing.

I have had to self ban myself from twitter to stop some serious piss taking.

I consider myself to be a rational, reasonable, human being most of the time.  But for three to four hours after a performance like against Boro, I go on Twitter and become a total arse hole.

In your defence, you're hardly alone.

People are Twats


Re: Middlesbrough (a)

I’m sick of beinng distinctly average.

These mid-table finishes were amusing after the league one rollercoaster.

No I’m not so sure.


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placidcasual wrote:

We're shit and I think we all know we are.

Missing Ayling but even with him in the team we've still got massive problems with no real replacements for Green, Bartley and Wood. It's pretty obvious.

It's what they do to deal with that in the summer now.

Orta? Well we don't really know what he does and what his plan is so its difficult to criticise. My only real criticism is why they let Green go. Bartley and Wood couldn't be helped. It was out of our control but Green is a major klanger. Whoever made that decision needs outing.

Yes, you are right ultimately, but if you listen to him from about 8:55s he is rambling out stats (Key point: he knows them off by heart). This is clearly his base business model, because these stats can be bought and downloaded into his software and off you go. The problem with this model, and I would be surprised if he isn't doing this, is that you see with your eyes how good a player is.

Lets take Felix the Cat as a living example, his stats in Germany may have been average/ ish for a whole host of reasons, but had anybody (Read: ANYBODY) watched him for 8 - 10 games, it would have been bleeding obvious that he is not up to standard. If you start your search based on stats, that is prone to fuck-ups in the buying market. To my mind, and please feel free to disagree, 80% is done with the eyes and the other 20% is made up of the vital stats, then you make your decision. If, and I may be wrong, Victor is 80% stats, then he policy is not going to help us.

Also wonder why Boro got rid of him.

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