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Picked this up for 50p in charity shop.

About 3 career criminals who can’t/don’t want to go straight. Troy is the de facto leader of the gang, a sophisticated, well read career criminal. Diesel provides the muscle being an ex prizefighter but he’s conflicted as he has a “job” working for a local mafia don and a wife, kid and a mortgage. Mad Dog is a psycho, with a drug habit, whose paranoia sees him murder his girlfriends as an aside to the main story. Upon his release after 15 years in jail Troy gets involved in a scheme that involves stealing from other criminals and those who can’t go to the law for protection, “dog eat dog”. Troy and the others are on the verge of the 3 strike law,where the third conviction sees them incarcerated for life, so they are looking for one big financial hit that will set them up for life.

Great book, Bunker was a criminal most of his life spending time in jail into his early 40s, so writes with gritty realism.

Would really recommend this book

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Mr Blue in Reservoir Dogs.

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