Topic: The Psalm Killer-Chris Petit

Set in Belfast in 1985. Amidst the ongoing troubles a serial killer is on a killing spree. DI Cross, a catholic from England, is the RUC man tasked with finding the killer.

The killer is a former British Army soldier, who deserted in 1972, and joined up with loyalist paramilitaries only to jump ship and end up associated with INLA. Turns out he was also an agent ran by MI5.

A complex book that weaves in true life events such as the Shankill Butchers, the Dublin bombings, the assassination of Airey Neave in 1979. At times it’s hard to know where the fiction ends and the fact begins. Reminds me of David Peace, the way that that fact & fiction are combined seamlessly in his writing.

Haven’t finished it yet, 650 pages, still another 100 to go. Excellent read though so far.

Petit might be better known as a film maker, there’s a separate topic on here about a film Radio On

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