Topic: Robin Ince - "Chaos of Delight"

I saw his new touring show tonight.  Or at least I payed to see his new touring show.  I don't think I saw it.  What I did see was a very funny intellect freestyle for 90 minutes.

The gig started 15 minutes early while some of the audience were still queuing up for their red wine in a plastic cup at the bar two floors down.  He was in the dressing room and got bored so just came out on stage, lit the fuse and took off into space, pausing only to welcome newcomers to the room as they sat down.

If you listen to Radio 4 you will have had a taste of Robin Ince.  Only a taste.  What becomes apparent is that he is heavily edited on Radio.  His tendency is to go off on hyperactive tangent after hyperactive tangent, delivering a high octane stream of consciousness until the curtain falls, leaving the audience wondering what orifice he uses to draw breathe.

If you already know who Robin Ince is then this show is for you.  No one can tell you what the show is about because it's painfully obvious that no two shows are the same.  But go and see it.  It's worth it.

I'll give it 9 unstable nuclear particles out of 10.

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