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For all the omj'ers who now follow Fax this game is live on BT sport 5.30pm Sat.


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Bollocks, i'm working and if it had been at 12.30 as they often are i'd have been able to watch it at work.

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FT: 1-1 Att: 2191

We have our first 'Fullarton Out' thread on I repeat, we have our first 'Fullarton Out' thread on
Admittedly, there's still a question mark at the end of the title for now, but the voices of discontent are there.
And they're growing and could be heard at The Shay today.

'These are s*** and you're shutting the shop at 1-0' was the complaint of a bloke behind us when he took off Southwell and brought on Duckworth. In some ways he had a point.
Substitutions. They've become the stick with which the malcontents can beat the manager. And so when Chesterfield equalised just minutes after another strange one, we knew keyboards were going to be getting a hammering up and down the Valley.

There was an inevitability that the equaliser would come from the head of Denton. Returning to The Shay after Fullarton deemed him surplus to requirements, he made a nuisance of himself from the first minute to the last. He's also now seen as another benchmark of Fullerton's failings. When he took over, Denton was out of the team. Quickly. And never came back. It wasn't really a surprise that he moved to Alfreton to be reunited with Billy Heath. Martin Allen brought him back to the National League with a view to stopping Chesterfield's descent down the table. He's freakishly tall, ungainly and slow. But he causes problems and scores goals. In addition to his goal, he hit the bar and increasingly acted as link, feeding their midfield with headers and lay-offs as the game went on and, as I say, generally unsettling Town's defence. He defends well himself at set pieces in particular.
The argument goes that Heath knows what works, ugly or otherwise. It may sound like back of a fag packet tactics whilst the team get changed in the back room at the local but many think that's preferable to Fullerton's long-winded, Premier League-lite technical approach. It's 'man of few words' v 'man of long words'.

It's a shame that there are angry voices in the stands because the crowd, one of the biggest of the year, were in good voice. The South Stand barmies are really making an effort this year. She may play them at home, but no amount of 'Ultra-ing' is going to change Hannah's view of drums on the terraces. Saying that, singing and the noise is part of the appeal for kids. And I know it's not for everyone, some are way to sussed to sing right? But watching football in a silent stadium would be s*** in reality. They even got some of the octogenarians around us in the East clapping along to the Napoli 'Ale, Ale, Ale' one that everyone does.

And we had a streaker! A proper, 70s style, 'running the length of the field in a slightly camp way' streaker. A Chesterfield fan had got on the pitch earlier but that was simply the hors d'ouevres for our 'Skircoat is so Bracing' friend. If proof of the ineptitude of Town's stewards were needed then the fact that a naked bloke was able to run the complete length of the pitch and escape of the fences at the north-eastern corner before one of them even moved would have banished any doubt.

It was a decent crowd. 2191.

And they were optimistic. Chesterfield's decline has been pretty shocking. April saw them drop out of the football league. And they've kept going where they left off. Watching Martin Allen at pitchside was hilarious. He's everything you'd expect and more. Laughing and joking with the officials, groundsmen, any Tom, Dick or bleeding 'Arry truth be told. All backslaps and man's handshakes. Their fans are sticking with him for now. They're 19th of 24. He could well stop the rot for this season.

Today was 'Non-League Day'. And it was 'Kids for a Quid'. As a result, Hannah's mate enjoyed her first experience of The Shay. She said she'd return when we dropped her home and I really think she will. The sight of a pale and overweight bloke's tackle clearly hadn't ruined her 'match day experience'. She couldn't wait to tell her Mum and Dad the minute she was through the door about the 'completely and utterly naked man' mind.

Said it before, but give kids the opportunity to experience live sport at any level and you can create fans. It's dead simple. Cheap admission, face-painting (I know, but there's time yet for them to be waiting for the away coaches in a Peter Storm), fish and chips in town and sweets in the seats and they're sold. She borrowed Hannah's shirt from last year. I don't suppose at 10 years old she'd articulate it this way but isn't that feeling of belonging part of why we all have 'our' club? The shirt will have felt like part of that.

The club had put some thought into trying to attract people and improve the 'experience'. The music played before the game was different and markedly better today. Fans had been invited to send in their requests. I say better but Sham 69's 'Hersham Boys' was a strange choice to hear as we arrived at our seats. There's still a lot of work to do though. Fans were also told they could collect a '£2 off a ticket for a home game' voucher. Problem was nobody at the club got around to printing any. And they ran out of chips. You can imagine how well that went down with our youth wing. In fairness they had already eaten fish and chips in town before the game.

Good job there were some other distractions as the actual football wasn't the best. I find it frustrating to be honest. I still think this team is capable of better but I do wonder how they can go to full-time status with more training sessions and yet, in so many respects, appear to be going backwards in terms of the quality on the pitch.

Town squandered too much today. Edwards' day was one of his frustrating ones. Add to that the fact that I found myself wondering why his attacking partner Kyle Wooton was there and you can see why they lacked a killer instinct up front. He hit the bar but his overall play was pretty underwhelming. Wootton's on a month-long deal. Not sure I'd make it any longer.  Same with Lenighan and whilst you've got to have an eye on who'd come in to replace them, along with Odelusi, they're signings that are causing people to question the manager's judgement. Or the Board's willingness to back him. Or both. They're not bad per se. They're just not good either. King got a runout but, to be honest, his failure to track back contributed to their equaliser.

Kosylo's goal was a rare highlight. He's a good player but there are still aspects of his game that let him down. His petulance means he gives away free kicks too cheaply. I'm still excited when he gets the ball though. You need a player like that.

Brown and Preston were out and Town can't afford to miss players of their quality. Add in Tomlinson and MacDonald's long-term injuries and you wonder whether the board do need to spend some meaningful cash. There's plenty of money sloshing around some of the clubs at this level. I don't see Town competing with them anytime soon. That money at other clubs could be used to lure players like Kosylo away. I do wonder if he'll stay at Town.

Don't let the pretty downbeat tone of this at times give the impression that the day wasn't a laugh. It really was. The kids got an autograph (Southwell) and high-fives at full-time (Clarke and Edwards). Those things matter. They both said 'I'm not washing that hand now'. This is the fifth tier of football folks but that really doesn't matter to them when they're there. It's real and exciting. And they're literally within touching distance of the players.

Town are 14th and 8 points off a play-off spot. The gaps aren't huge but it's what will lift them that's got people puzzled at the moment. Hey, they didn't lose.

Warrington Town away next week. New ground and the magic of the FA Cup. A Town loss and I reckon that question mark may be conspicuous by its absence.....

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Were you making donkey noises at Denton before he scored?

And did he respond by eating a carrot after he netted?

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