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Sounds ace. Whats it like at Easter, dont they get the Levante wind from the East that cools it down?

Might look into Oct 19.


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Ray Hankin's shorts wrote:
Expanding Man wrote:

I went to Crete recently and enjoyed mooching round the back streets of Chania.


Chania deffo on the list for a day trip - I'll drive in and let the Mrs drive us home

Any other spots to recommend I'll take - there's a big lake nearby which i'm told is lovely and peaceful,  packed with wildlife etc

I was in Crete many years ago but that was Malia..........a slightly different holiday but one that holds many memories (and plenty lost memories too)

Back from Crete,  had a wonderful time - absolutely loved it

Stayed in the middle of nowhere in a villa near Vamos which is up in the hills.  We did a 'Local producers'tour from there which involved going to an Olive Oil Mill,  some hippy who made essential oils and whatnot from herbs and plants,  the last bell maker in the region (the sheep and goats all have beels which make a different noise so their owners know where they are....),  a bee keeper with the most delicious honey,  and a guy who distilled his own Raki.....  All sounds a bit naff but when you're on your 30th switchback travelling up into the White Mountains,  the air is crisp and fresh,  and you have the sun on your back it's truly memorable

Couple of rainy days but we just went into Rethymon and mocched around - only time we were in anywhere like built up

I'd recommend it - totally and utterly chilled out and really really didn't want to come back!

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