Topic: The Reckoning

Finally got round to watching this after recording it ages ago on Talking Pictures. Nicol Williamson plays the main character, Marler, who has left Liverpool years ago to make it big in business in London but is forced to travel back to his hometown when his dad dies. Once there he realises his dad has been killed and sets out for revenge.

This is a year before Get Carter was released and is almost a dress rehearsal. Both moody blond characters. Both set in rainy northern cities, poor terraced housing, decaying industries, old bomb sites etc. Both travel from London to avenge the death of a relative under suspicious circumstances. Both smoking, drinking womanisers. The doctor also appears in Get Carter as Frank's mate. Have a look at these pics. They could be stills from Get Carter.

Also has Jackie Pallo in a wrestling scene, no Mick McManus though. St Etienne sampled the 'Come on, give her a proper Liverpool hand, you can do better than that' bit from the same scene.

Marler (main character) beds the doctor's receptionist played by Rachel Roberts. Have a read of her personal life and death on Wikipedia, what a messed up life/death she had. … _(actress)

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Nicol Williamson was a fabulous actor.

I'd offer you a beer, but I've only got six cans.